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Two epic BBC factions come together in this Fan made video!


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Featured Fiction - April 2014

Skye is the Limit: Season One by WaitingfortheDoctor

Review by: Pinguinus

"A wonderfully unique fan-made series, Skye is the Limit explores Doctor Who from a mature yet usually light-hearted perspective. Readers are treated to a vast, beautiful , and terrifying universe through the eyes of a young British-American with a sharp wit and a sassy tongue. WaitingfortheDoctor's skill at creating believable characters, alien races, and situations have made this series a true pleasure to experience. The first season contains sixteen episodes with two guest writers, and has set up both a second season and a spin-off. I sincerely believe this to be one of the greatest fanfictions on the web. Take a look and see for yourself--it will leave you breathless!"

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