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Featured Fiction - August 2014


The Island of Paradox by MasterCharmander13

Review by:Turtlecake365

“An amazing four parter written by the ever improving MasterCharmander13. MC13’s best story yet uncludes a timey wimey plot with an introduction of one of my favourite companions of DWA. The Dragons involvement was awesome and each cliffhanger had me on the edge of my seat.

Paced beautifully except the very ending this story felt like it hit all the right beats and the change from modern day to the past was very interesting with an alien Knight comoanion being thrown in. This is probably the best DWA story and definitely one to read. The inclusion of Handles was just awesome and every part of the story felt epic.

I think this story is definitely deserves a Featured Fiction spot because the story is up there with the very best on the wiki. Thank you MC13 for creating such a brilliantly made story."

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